About MaineLearning.net

MaineLearning.net is an online community of Maine educators.

Shortly after he was named Commissioner of Education in March 2011, Stephen Bowen traveled the state to hear from teachers, principals and other educators, as well as students, parents, and community members. One consistent and recurring theme that came up in these conversations was the need to do more to share resources and best practices among educators across Maine.

Thus was born MaineLearning.net: a project designed to leverage limited resources by creating an online collaboration platform that allows groups of educators to share best practices in their areas of specialty, and allows all educators to observe and/or participate.

While MaineLearning.net was developed and is supported and maintained by the Maine Department of Education, the content is created by you and belongs to everyone.

The Department of Education is currently rolling this site out to an initial set of practice groups. Each practice group will follow the “fishbowl” model: group members can collaborate within their group space, but all interested educators, parents, and community members will be able to view the conversations and resources. In addition, members of the public will be able to submit comments to blog posts, so members can seek and receive recommendations on important topics.

MaineLearning.net includes a single log-in for group discussions, activity streams, events listings, document storage, and more. Over time, we will introduce more practice groups and, eventually, as resources allow, plan to open the platform to any group that meets our guidelines to create an online space.

We’re grateful to our charter members. Their initial feedback will help us make improvements that turn this website into the strongest collaboration platform it can be.

David Connerty-Marin
Director of Communications
Maine Department of Education

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